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Meeting with clients from Turkey


On 8th July, around 5:00pm ,Our Client Mr Ahmet , From Turkey paid a visit to our factory. Companied with another 2 friends.


During the Meeting we are focused on the hot melt glue stick. At the beginning, we exchange our company information, There are a huge demands of turkey market, the business there is crazy”. Said by Mr Ahmet, there are thousands of factories there in turkey, who may use have a very big potential in different area such as the shoe glue and masterbatch”. Now we are focusing on the order of 19 tons glue stick. Continue reading →


Filter hot melt adhesive


Tongde Hot melt Adhesive for filter is able to solve the problems of
sticking,sizing,sealing during the filters manufacturing,it is appllied
in the filter pleat,frame assembly and center part. mainly covers air filter, purifier filer, and automobile filter and oil filter etc. This kind of adhesive not only has excellent adhesion and strength,but also has nice performance of heat resistance and oil hesistance.

1.Filter Pleat Bonding    Click to see filter pleat adhesiveFilter paper glue

2.Filter Center Part Bonding   click to see filter center part adhesive Continue reading →

Congratulations To 2016 Tongde’s Annual Meeting!


After Years of Goat danced for harvest years, Years of Monkey will be coming! On January 24th, 2016, at the occasion of this New Year,
Tognde New Materials held New Year’s party in Shenzhen Harmona Hotel,together with Brother Company Yunlin Chemical and Holeo New Materials.

Time flies, the 2015 has gone without any sound,2016 comes with colorful hope, in the past year, Tongders work together, hand in hand, sacrificed hard work in exchange for the customer’s approval, we have made gratifying achievements.Today all Tongders gathered together to summarize 2015,looking back the past, and looking out for the new year!


Firstly Tongde staff Jack and Bob presented a festival flute ensemble as the opening performance, while enthusiastic General Lee could not help himself and performed on stage for everyone to play
Tai chi , get the party to a new climax.
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