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hot melt adhesive for book binding


Tongde has a range of adhesive for bookbinding application such as:

  1. Spine glue for perfect binding
  2. Side glue

we have the products to match your specific applicator, finished product requirements and operational demands like open and set times. Your machine will require less cleaning because our products reduce stringing, cobwebing and the formation of threads during application.

Spine & Side Glue


Tongde produces many grades of side and spine glue for bookbinding applications. Each grade performs well on either newsprint, wood-free, or art papers, etc. Continue reading →


What is EVA Hot Melt Adhesive?

EVA hot melt adhesive is one kind of 100% solid fusible polymer that not contain water and no need of solvent. When heated, EVA hot melt adhesive would turn to be fliquid adhesive while under constant temperature it is 100% solid. Its color usually shows light yellow or white and clear white.

As we know, the main componets of hot melt adhesive includes common resin EVA and some tackifier,viscosity adjusting agents,antioxidant etc. Therefore,tongde hot melt adhesive
would have below features:
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