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Furniture edge banding hot melt adhesive factory wholesale

Tongde edge banding hot melt adhesive could be Widely used for wood working furniture and edge banding including PVC,MFC,MDF,Veneer,ABS,Solid Wood etc. They are classified into high temperature adhesive,medium temperature adhesive and low temperature adhesive, suiting different wood working conditions and machines.

china edge banding hot melt adhesive

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Woodworking Solutions for Edge Banding Adhesive

To achieve a perfect edge banding, except for high quality veneer and panel, well running equipment, experienced workers and right process control, choose the right adhesive is also very important. TONGDE edge banding hot melt adhesive offer a fast and highly efficient answer to all demands from the wood industry.



Common Materials

Panel Type: MDF,Plywood,Particleboard, Chipboard etc.

Edge Banding Adhesive materials


Veneer Type: PVC/PP/ABSMelamine, Wood etc.

Edge Banding Adhesive substrates 

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