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How to choose the edge banding adhesive for furniture?

With the fast development of furniture equipments, more and more factories buy the auto or semi-auto edge banding machine instead of traditional hand work.

There would be one material that can not be ignored when use the machine- hot melt adhesive. Such a kind material is the necessary raw materials when do edge banding.


To make conclusions, the wood working hot melt adhesive would have below advantages; Continue reading →


Tongders’ tour to Guilin


To enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the team spirit, promote mutual understanding between various departments, and improve the company’s cohesion and centripetal force. On October 14,2016, our company organize all staff to visit the famous scenic spot – Guilin in three days.

Through the trip, we not only fell the natural beauty of Guilin and enjoy the joy of tourism and ease, but also feel the company’s warmth and care. During this tour, we follow the guide and the leader’s instruction,traveling together, helping each other. When meeting the beautiful scenery, we took some pictures together.( show picture )

Tongder's guilin tour

With the tourism activities, the staff release the pressure and tension in the work, cultivate the sentiment, improve their own self-cultivation and enhance the team cooperation. What’s more, through this traveling, it fully demonstrate the enterprise spirit, the all staff will be more enthusiastic into the future work.

Tongde is the certificated and professional manufacturer and exporter in hot melt adhesive industry, welcome all the customers from both domestic and abroad to cooperate on hot melt glue sticks, hot melt glue,and PSA~


Meeting with clients from Turkey

On 8th July, around 5:00pm ,Our Client Mr Ahmet , From Turkey paid a visit to our factory. Companied with another 2 friends.


During the Meeting we are focused on the hot melt glue stick. At the beginning, we exchange our company information, There are a huge demands of turkey market, the business there is crazy”. Said by Mr Ahmet, there are thousands of factories there in turkey, who may use have a very big potential in different area such as the shoe glue and masterbatch”. Now we are focusing on the order of 19 tons glue stick. Continue reading →

Woodworking Solutions for Edge Banding Adhesive

To achieve a perfect edge banding, except for high quality veneer and panel, well running equipment, experienced workers and right process control, choose the right adhesive is also very important. TONGDE edge banding hot melt adhesive offer a fast and highly efficient answer to all demands from the wood industry.



Common Materials

Panel Type: MDF,Plywood,Particleboard, Chipboard etc.

Edge Banding Adhesive materials


Veneer Type: PVC/PP/ABSMelamine, Wood etc.

Edge Banding Adhesive substrates 

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DIY & Craft Glue Stick Applications

Shenzhen Tongde Brand glue sticks are ideal for a wide range of DIY, handicraft and art craft applications. We supply direct to wholesalers and buyers.Our adhesives are very easy to use and very reliable.

They can be used to bond a wide variety of materials including:

DIY & Craft glue stick


, Fabric,Papers,Cardboard,Metal,Plastic
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Why Hot Melt Adhesive be Preferred in Packaging Markets Today?

It is noticed that more and more industries prefer to use hot melt adhesive for adhesion today. Such as automotive filter, purification filter, bookbinding, product assembly, EPE foam, medical, furniture, non-woven fabric, hygiene products etc. Today we’d like to have a short view on the application of hot melt adhesive in packaging, then you will find the answers by yourself.

What is Hot Melt Adhesive?

HMA ( short for Hot Melt Adhesive) is a thermoplastic polymer based adhesive which is applied in the molten state and which functions primarily by mechanical anchorage.

Benefits of Hot Melt Adhesive:

a) Fast Processing

b) Environmentally Friendly

c) Bond Impervious Surfaces

d) Gap filling

e) Safe

f) Cost effectiveness

g) Efficient shipment and storage

With the above advantages, Hot melt adhesive is used more and more widely instead of water based and solvent based adhesives in many fields.

box sealing glue

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Environmentally Friendly Hot melt adhesive

Is hot melt adhesive a kind of green renewable industrial adhesive? Is there environmental friendly adhesive ? Green? A lot of clients in the negotiation with hot melt adhesive manufacturers would come up with such above question.

‌In an increasingly environmental protection, many people are doubting that whether security is  safe and eco-environmental or not. Actually, it’s very common that
customers have such questions because in people’s subconscious ,adhesive is toxic, since hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive,it is naturally poisonous. But there are great
differences between hot melt adhesive and other adhesives.

Firstly, the hot melt adhesive is renewable. Due to the nature of the hot melt adhesive itself,it makes the hot melt adhesive  can be harmless recycled after curing , this is unmatched by other adhesive, so it is renewable environmental protection. Continue reading →

What is the pressure sensitive adhesive?

PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive, PSA), refers to a kind of adhesive which is sensitive to pressure, easily stick to things with little pressure and do not need to use solvent or other visual aids. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is the third generation after the solvent pressure sensitive adhesive and emulsive pressure sensitive adhesive,compared with the two former, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has no solvent, more conducive to environmental protection and safety production, high efficiency production and relatively  low production costs. So now countries around the world are vigorously developing the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive.

pressure sensitive adhesive

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The notice of using EVA hot melt glue during book binding

EVA hot melt adhesive is not the same as usual glue,in terms of its features, you would have to pay attentions during the book binding manufacturing, see as below:

1.Get to know its technical data and types firstly. Different hot melt glue has big difference of the openning time,curing time, especially you have to notice the temperature effect varying from summer to winter.

2.during the usage of hot melt,pls not heat by fire, remember to heated by the help of spacer bush oil, or by the sealed electric heating board.

3.Pre-heat the melting container for nearly 2 hours.

4.make sure that there is suitable glue in the melting container,to avoid that some glue gets aged.

5.Confirm all the bonding process is done,once confronted with fault,take out the book.

6.when the machines stops working,not forget to turn the melting device off.

7.Keep right melting temperature according to hot melt supplier’s advice.

8.Clean the kettle and melting container on time,to protect the melting system from impurity.

The New Technologies of hot melt adhesive

since hot melt adhesive was advented,due to the strong adhesive, curing speed, etc., it is widely used in food packaging, bookbinding,disposable hygiene products industry, the furniture industry, the label industry and other fields.

1.Low temperature hot melt adhesive: 

    Low temperature hot melt adhesive breakup the limits of the general usage of conventional hot melt adhesive.Its normal operating temperature is only 110 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, low temperature hot melt adhesive is below 30℃ than traditional hot melt adhesive. Low temperature hot melt adhesives have obvious lower viscosity values compared to traditional to meet the requirements of the coating process at a low temperature operating conditions.The direct benefits of low temperature hot melt adhesive is saving electricity and machine maintenance costs.

A large number of practical applications show that using low temperature hot melt adhesive can save customers approximately 15% of the electricity with the same hot melt machine.Because low temperature hot melt adhesive almost complete absence of crust, coke and other aging at 110 ℃ ~ 130 ℃, making machine
maintenance costs are significantly reduced. More importantly, low temperature hot melt adhesive PE film will not burn.

2.Hydrophilic hot melt adhesive:     Conventional hot melt adhesive generally hydrophobic, hydrophilic hot melt adhesive through a special formula to make it hydrophilic, each a hydrophilic hot melt adhesive applications can be given to higher value-added products, so that products manufacturer make effectively product difference Alienation in the current highly competitive market, and ultimately meet to consumers demands.

3.The hot melt adhesive of other new technologies: 

In addition to these aspects, the new hot melt adhesive technologies include: anti-oil hot-melt adhesives; hot melt adhesive spray suitable for high-frequency; high wet strength Hot-melt adhesives; biodegradable hot melt adhesive and so on.