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hot melt adhesive for book binding

Tongde has a range of adhesive for bookbinding application such as:

  1. Spine glue for perfect binding
  2. Side glue

we have the products to match your specific applicator, finished product requirements and operational demands like open and set times. Your machine will require less cleaning because our products reduce stringing, cobwebing and the formation of threads during application.

Spine & Side Glue


Tongde produces many grades of side and spine glue for bookbinding applications. Each grade performs well on either newsprint, wood-free, or art papers, etc. Continue reading →


How to Choose transparent glue sticks?

About the transparent glue sticks, Tongde generally provide full transparent ones and transparent ones, here comes the popular four items as example.

TD-S86 is the best economical ones with general transparency, quality is good, especially its 7mm, looks like full transparent. If you wanna economical one, S86 would be a good choice.

(TD-S86, left 11mm,  right 7mm)

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Furniture edge banding hot melt adhesive factory wholesale

Tongde edge banding hot melt adhesive could be Widely used for wood working furniture and edge banding including PVC,MFC,MDF,Veneer,ABS,Solid Wood etc. They are classified into high temperature adhesive,medium temperature adhesive and low temperature adhesive, suiting different wood working conditions and machines.

china edge banding hot melt adhesive

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DIY & Craft Glue Stick Applications

Shenzhen Tongde Brand glue sticks are ideal for a wide range of DIY, handicraft and art craft applications. We supply direct to wholesalers and buyers.Our adhesives are very easy to use and very reliable.

They can be used to bond a wide variety of materials including:

DIY & Craft glue stick


, Fabric,Papers,Cardboard,Metal,Plastic
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Filter hot melt adhesive


Tongde Hot melt Adhesive for filter is able to solve the problems of
sticking,sizing,sealing during the filters manufacturing,it is appllied
in the filter pleat,frame assembly and center part. mainly covers air filter, purifier filer, and automobile filter and oil filter etc. This kind of adhesive not only has excellent adhesion and strength,but also has nice performance of heat resistance and oil hesistance.

1.Filter Pleat Bonding    Click to see filter pleat adhesiveFilter paper glue

2.Filter Center Part Bonding   click to see filter center part adhesive Continue reading →