How to Choose transparent glue sticks?

About the transparent glue sticks, Tongde generally provide full transparent ones and transparent ones, here comes the popular four items as example.

TD-S86 is the best economical ones with general transparency, quality is good, especially its 7mm, looks like full transparent. If you wanna economical one, S86 would be a good choice.

(TD-S86, left 11mm,  right 7mm)

TD-S11 is one kind of full transparent glue sticks, nice transparency but less than S19-2, Tensile strength better than S86 usually it regardes as a nice cost-effect item, distributors usually prefer.


TD-S11  Full Transparent

S-19-2 is the best cost-effective one with nice aging resistance and tensile strength, distributors in developed coutries prefer this item most. Therefore, we suggest this item will be suitable mostly if want to buy full transparent, according to our data.  

S19-2 Full Transparent

About the Last one S318, this one though have the best transparency , price gets a little higher comparely. It has nice aging resistance and tensile strength, quality comes the best. End users will like this one very much, and use them for high quality products~

TD-S138 best transparency

To sum up, we have concluded all the transparent ones, hope it would help you for choice.If you have got some item that interested, welcome to contact us for samples trial test.



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