Meeting with clients from Turkey

On 8th July, around 5:00pm ,Our Client Mr Ahmet , From Turkey paid a visit to our factory. Companied with another 2 friends.


During the Meeting we are focused on the hot melt glue stick. At the beginning, we exchange our company information, There are a huge demands of turkey market, the business there is crazy”. Said by Mr Ahmet, there are thousands of factories there in turkey, who may use have a very big potential in different area such as the shoe glue and masterbatch”. Now we are focusing on the order of 19 tons glue stick.

We provided three different transparent glue stick for their check and also take some examples for those yellowing items. From the half transparent glue stick to full transparent glue stick, once they purchased those from Taiwan, and they speaks very highly of the Taiwan Supplier. As we know for couples of years ago, when Hankel first enter Chinese Market, Taiwan is the first station, and then spread to Mainland. So to some international business’s eyes, they kept in mind that Taiwan’s products are with good quality but cheaper price. This seems to be the regular pattern. But there is a trend that more and more business are established in Mainland in line of hot melt glue, especially in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan etc..

For our Company History. We started with gum rosin with factory in Guangxi, and supplied materials to an Taiwan factory 20 years ago. But for some reason, this factory went bankrupt, and we acquired the factory as Tongde For continuing the business of hot melt glue industry. Now we Still keeping the Taiwan Machines for production.  Caused by the concept our boss, who is an army man, quality is the only point for survivor ship. So during 15 years efforts. We are now hold 4 branches and became a group industry. Tongde Group. We not only have the advanced technology but also we have strict quality production concept. What is more we plan to create a factory park, to collect all our factories in one zoo. Which also left good impression in our clients.

After visit of two office and lab, Mr Ahmed told us they would soon have a new office and factory in Istanbul Turkey within this two month, and showed great interest to be our agent in Turkey We discussed our cooperation potential, but in hot melt glue stick and Shoes glue and also masterbatch. At  the end of the meeting, It is really a very good chance for both of us to develop this huge market.

Hope in the near future we could have more agent in the world and grow together with our friends.
Looking forward to meeting with our international friends in our zoo very soon.


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