Environmentally Friendly Hot melt adhesive


Is hot melt adhesive a kind of green renewable industrial adhesive? Is there environmental friendly adhesive ? Green? A lot of clients in the negotiation with hot melt adhesive manufacturers would come up with such above question.

‌In an increasingly environmental protection, many people are doubting that whether security is  safe and eco-environmental or not. Actually, it’s very common that
customers have such questions because in people’s subconscious ,adhesive is toxic, since hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive,it is naturally poisonous. But there are great
differences between hot melt adhesive and other adhesives.

Firstly, the hot melt adhesive is renewable. Due to the nature of the hot melt adhesive itself,it makes the hot melt adhesive  can be harmless recycled after curing , this is unmatched by other adhesive, so it is renewable environmental protection.

Secondly, hot melt adhesive is one kind of polymer. The stability of the polymer determines the fact that hot melt adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive.

‌Thirdly, hot melt adhesive safely suites transportation in the adhesive, at the same time, hot melt adhesive  is also the most convenient and safe storage of the adhesive.

The above characteristics of the hot melt adhesive, thus proves that the hot melt adhesive is a safe —environmentally renewable adhesive. It also illustrates that the hot melt
adhesive is a kind of eco-environmental resources.


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