What is the pressure sensitive adhesive?


PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive, PSA), refers to a kind of adhesive which is sensitive to pressure, easily stick to things with little pressure and do not need to use solvent or other visual aids. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is the third generation after the solvent pressure sensitive adhesive and emulsive pressure sensitive adhesive,compared with the two former, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive has no solvent, more conducive to environmental protection and safety production, high efficiency production and relatively  low production costs. So now countries around the world are vigorously developing the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive.

pressure sensitive adhesive

‌Its application range is very wide,for it can be used in diapers, women supplies, double-sided tape, labels, packaging, medical and health care, surface protective
film, wallpaper and shoes, etc. Among them, the consumption of  wrapping HMPSA  is the largest, which accounts for almost half of the total.

‌The characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesive:

1: have lasting high viscosity.

2: used just by hand or finger pressure.

3: don’t need the water, solvent or heat to  activate.

4: have strong adhesive strength.

5: have enough cohesion force and elasticity.

The advantages of pressure sensitive adhesive:

1: quick sizing, no mixing or coating.

2:have uniform glue.

3: can be cut into special shapes.

4:have viscoelasticity which can eliminate brittleness.

5:have  small smell when using.


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