Filter hot melt adhesive


Tongde Hot melt Adhesive for filter is able to solve the problems of
sticking,sizing,sealing during the filters manufacturing,it is appllied
in the filter pleat,frame assembly and center part. mainly covers air filter, purifier filer, and automobile filter and oil filter etc. This kind of adhesive not only has excellent adhesion and strength,but also has nice performance of heat resistance and oil hesistance.

1.Filter Pleat Bonding    Click to see filter pleat adhesiveFilter paper glue

2.Filter Center Part Bonding   click to see filter center part adhesivefilter ccenter part glue

3.Filter Frame Bonding       click to see filter frame adhesive20160326141927520

4.Oil Filter Glue(Polyamide Based)    click to see oil filter usage adhesiveOil filter adhesive


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